About Maritime Ltd

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to introduce Maritime Ltd, a loss control / cargo assurance superintendents legally registered in Malta and the operation offices are located at Siracusa, Italy, and London, U.K.
We have been trading since the beginning of the year 2013 and have already built up a solid reputation with our clients who are both oil majors and oil trading establishments.
Wherever you are experiencing unjustifiable cargo losses we are there to investigate and highlight any underclear and questionable terminal's practises and / or producers. We know by experience that the vast majority of indipendent inspection companies will not enter into this type of loading operations / after discharge investigation relating to losses / shortages for fear of upsetting their local, regular terminal client base. Maritime Ltd have obtained clear success in regaining cargo losses, acceptable percentage shortages in places where historically huge losses experienced, where the indipendent inspection companies, through their intrasigente, have given up in trying to obtain a fair solution to cargo losses.
In contrast, Maritime Ltd are completely antonymous and fully biased to protect you from any negative commercial exposure / fraud, theft and mishandling of your cargoes. We are pro-actively involved with supervising movements of Crude Oils and refined products such as Fuel Oils, Gasoils, U.L.S.D's, Gasolines, Jet Fuels, Naphtha etc.. We are very much involved in Blending operations for refined products such as Fuel Oils, Gasoils and U.L.S.D.'s Vetting Certifications and are very active in the whole Mediterranean area, including North Africa, North Europe including Baltics, Black Sea, East and West African regions with vast experience in S.T.S operations in these areas. We are very proud to announce the official opening of our new office in Lagos, Nigeria which is manned by European personnel. We have extended our presence in the Far East covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. We are opening a new office in Singapore for which we will adjourn the latest development in due course.
We do also carry out Bunker Surveys and can arrange bunker fuel representative sampling and analysis of both pure and contamined fuels.