Maritime Ltd Mission

Our goal / aim is to reduce our client's cargo losses (Crudes and Products) where they are most vulnerable i.e.
  • During S.T.S. operations (especially when delivering to daughter vessels with questionale background).
  • Line displacements in general.
  • Cargo theft investigations.
  • Inefficient Crude Oil Washings procedures.
  • Where Bills of Landing are based on ship's figures.
  • Monitoring Terminals with constant bad outturns / deliveries.
  • Vessels with known high in-transit losses.
  • Vessels with consistently high R.O.B. volumes.
  • Minimising risk of potential contamination issues with clean products.
We strive to reduce your commercial losses at all stages of the operation by pro-active participation during the oil transfers. We also ensure that the current international ASTM / IP / ISO standard procedures are maintained by the receivers / suppliers.
Maritime Ltd act as an intermediary with vessel's Master in order to ensure a smooth troublefree operation and to guarantee that the vessel adheres to its voyage orders and Charter Party instructions.